New grant for ¡Murales Rebeldes!: L.A. Chicana/o Murals under Siege

Barbara Carrasco's L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective

Barbara Carrasco’s L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective at Union Station, 1990. Courtesy Barbara Carrasco; photo: Harry Gamboa, Jr.

We are pleased to announce that our upcoming exhibition, ¡Murales Rebeldes!: L.A. Chicana/o Murals under Siege, has received a $40,000 grant from the Mike Kelly Foundation for the Arts in Los Angeles. This exhibition, created in partnership with LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, will be part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative this Fall.

The summary of the grant is below and included in this official release and here

L.A. Chicana/o Murals under Siege 

Jointly presented by the California Historical Society and LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes as part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative, ¡Murales Rebeldes!: L.A. Chicana/o Murals under Siege explores the ways in which Chicana/o murals in the greater Los Angeles area have been censored, whitewashed, neglected, and even destroyed. Through the stories of seven muralists, the exhibition offers viewers insight into the powerful and radical messages that murals can carry, as well as the means by which these messages can be suppressed. The exhibition will be held at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown Los Angeles.

A centerpiece of the project is Barbara Carrasco’s L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective (1981), a piece that typifies the struggles of Chicana/o muralists. Originally sponsored by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for the city’s bicentennial celebration, Carrasco’s 16-by-80-foot portable mural depicts Los Angeles’s history from the perspective of its ethnic communities. The mural was censored by the CRA and became a symbol of the struggle over competing visions of the city’s history. Since its creation, L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective has only been displayed once in its entirety, at Union Station in 1990. The exhibition will bring the mural back for public viewing for the first time in 25 years.

You can read more about the grant here:

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